Independent Management Services

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Independent Management Services provides a wide range of services encompassing various levels of expertise at competitive prices.  It is our goal to decrease the amount of time required to complete each project.  We offer several different pricing packages to help you keep your costs within budget.

Project Pricing Samples (per hour):

  • $15 - basic typing, data entry, scanning, etc.
  • $20 - forms, mail merge & mass mailings, database creation and management, etc.
  • $25 - PDF conversion,  basic PowerPoint (no animation or graphs)
  • $30 - Employee Handbooks, brochures & pamphlet designs, presentations with animation, graphs, etc., training/presentation booklets

 Basic Retainer Plans:

  • 20 hrs/month - $405
  • 30 hrs/month - $610
  • 40 hrs/month - $810

 We also offer flexible spending packages which can be individually priced based on estimated hours, level of work and turn-around time.  Contact us to create a plan that best meets your needs.



  • $15.00 Rush fee for all projects required with-in 24-48 hours.
  • Invoicing will be done at the end of the month or at completion of project.
  • All invoices due within 15 days of delivery.
  • Late payment fee of 1% per day.
  • Returned check fee of $30 for any checks returned for non-sufficient funds.
  • Any printing, postage, packing materials, software, etc. will be charged back to the client.
  • Final inspection is the responsibility of the client.